Client Update

Designer Q&A - Beatriz Cifuentes, Yoshiki Waterhouse and Karolina Chojnowska

Event Date: 
30 May 2020
Cold Spring, New York

Instagram Live Event: Saturday, May 30, 3:00 p.m. EST 

Magazzino’s Head of Communication and Publications Karolina Chojnowska moderates a discussion with Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshi Waterhouse of Waterhouse Cifuentes Design on Magazzino’s distinctive design profile, defined by a refined minimalist approach that has shaped the museum’s identity.

The film Designing Magazzino, by Domenico Palma, will be available on Magazzino’s website on Friday, May 29.

This event is part of Magazzino's new series of digital programs, Magazzino da Casa.


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